Healthy food!

while revolutionizing the diet of Norwegian schoolchildren.

Mads Bækkelund, the captain from NRK TV series commissioned Sognefjord mission north Norway, is entering Norwegian salmon farming, with the same enthusiasm as when he promoted Norway in 20 countries with Norwegian nature and Norwegian athletes. His family, from Freya, is one of the pioneers in the salmon farming industry and has been independent since 1973. Now it’s Mads’s turn.

Mads i fjorden

Mads in the fjord

How about a quiet revolution in Norwegian fish farming? How about giving schoolchildren our healthy salmon instead of hamburger, taco and kebab with dressing? How about showing the population, the opinion makers and politicians around the Oslo fjord that salmon farming is sustainable food produced in a healthy way, and that they clean up after themselves? And it is modern? So how do we do it:


Mads “has decided” to start a way to farm fish where all contaminants are absorbed and converted into biofuels that run vehicles such as the salmon trailers and the bus “Lax express” that transport’s goods and workers in an environmentally friendly way. And will travel around with healthy school meals to schools with separate Salmon food trucks with meals such as; warm salmon burger with salad at cost 25 kroner. This will create a new image for the salmon.

And invite to visit outside the pens so people in urban areas can see how the breeding takes place, and to talk about the processing and production.

It will be established small farms in both the Oslo fjord at Horten and the Sognefjord, and each facility will get its own display and training centers to show and teach Norwegians and tourists about sustainable farming and what it means for Norway.

Fjord Visjon

Why not? Norwegian salmon has a challenge with pollution in some places disease, escape and lice which may eventually set a bar for good salmon prices and development. So what about a type of farming in the Oslo Fjord and Sognefjord that is protected against all this? That may show the Norwegian population in urban areas what it really is, and that the salmon industry also take this seriously. Check here:

Mads Bækkelund & Fjord Vision Lax has proposed two concessions in the Oslo Fjord and Sognefjord, and may apply for 2 in North Troms. These concessions will:

  • all waste / sludge will be taken up and converted into fuel and organic fertilizer in The Magic Factory in Tønsberg as Erna Solberg opened last year,
  • healthy food to school children, everyone is welcome aboard pens to see how healthy salmon grow up. Also, there it will have its own information center in downtown Oslo and the test kitchen for anyone who might be interested, and a separate food truck 2 SALMON KING running around with school lunches and healthy cool lunch packages from 10 to 25 NOK. All other Norwegian breeders will also showcase their business at the center of Oslo.
  • Net pens in is sea semi closed with nets in carbon fiber that can not be torn apart and prevents escape. Or they can be closed completely when submerged.
  • The sludge is collected in a collector on the bottom of the cage to be sucked up and tumbled in the cage and the shipped to Greve Biogas.
  • In the Oslo fjord the facility will be located near two river mouths emitting freshwater, providing so low salinity that lice will not adhere to the fish, or that there will be no lice at all.
  • Disease, fewer fish in pens and healthier for with touches of algae, Pacific oysters and carrot puree (pelletized) gives much better upbringing. Pacific oyster is a foreign element that flood the beaches and rocks in the Oslo fjord, but we intend to take it up and give to the salmon.

If you want to know more call Mads Bækkelund on +47 921 63 985 about how to make this happen.


The Salmon Express

Fjord vision Lax create a pilot to show Oslo inhabitants and youth that salmon is cool healthy food that also can be grown in urban areas. From pens to fast food.

Fjord Vision also takes up the fight against unhealthy Red Bull that our youth drinks, and launches a pure unsweetened Norwegian energy drink that both tastes good and is healthy. This is among other based on crash carrots that stores do not want. The residues (puree) left over from this production will be used in the production of fish food, that also gives salmon extra nice red color, and the sludge from pens are transformed into bottles/containers for the energy drink. We therefore consider a Norwegian energy plant in connection to the salmon farming, NORWEGIAN ENERGY. Mads Bækkelund